Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vests Vests Vests!

My adventures in vests!

The first pattern I ordered after I drafted my Halloween costume myself was Laughing Moon Mercantile Men's Single and Double-Breasted Frock Coats with 2 Vests (pattern #109). I made the coat, which will be a post for another day, and had lots of fabric left over so I decided to try one of the two vest patterns.

I started out by following the pattern exactly using fabric left over from my Halloween costume.

Its hard to see but there are four welt pockets on the front and two on the inside. Unfortunately I made a mistake when cutting the front, and as a result this vest in unwearable. It was a good learning experience.

Next I used left over fabric from my frock coat.

I used this vest with my Willy Wonka Halloween costume and as a result it is showing some wear. I liked how this vest came out although I had some issues with the fit in the shoulders.

Next I picked up some interesting looking fabric while shopping at Elm.

The pockets came out well and I included an inner welt pocket. He problem I had with this vest was the length in the back. Due to fabric limitations I ended up cutting it a bit shorter than I would have liked.

Another one of my projects was to make a lounge coat, I also had a lot of fabric left and made a vest from the remnants.  

This vest came out very well. With the flannel front and crushed velvet innerside and back it is warm. Both the front and back are cut straight which takes away from the elegance of this vest.

After making a red wool frock I had enough red left to make a vest and a few other articles. Since the fabric was rather heavy and bright red I decided to go for a more modern look. I coped another vest I have and came up with this.

 This vest came out very well. It is warm and the fit is very good.

These are the vests I have made in the last few months. I only wear a couple of them but it was a learning experience.


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